Holidays opportunity in Greece

Terms of participation.
KEMEN HELLAS realises an annual programme,by providing 100.000 Social Tourism HB vouchers in cooperation with 132 hotels all around Greece(
*All the hotels,1,2,3,4,5 rated stars,convented to Kemen Hellas,are obligated to dispose 10% of their dynamic to social tourists.
Holidays start from 12:00 in the day of arrival and end at 12:00 at noon in the day of departure.
*Each voucher is individual,with duration from 01/01/2016 to 31/12/2017,for 4 nights except cases in which more or less nights may be accorded,during reservation.
*Vouchers with reservation in a hotel of the choice of our client,are delivered in his/her place by KEMEN HELLAS with a payment of 5 euros(vouchers for children are free).
*Vouchers are free delivered to:
a)Chambers for their members
b)The convented small or medium enterprises for their clients
c)The convented newspapers for their readers.
*The cost for 4 nights(simple residence)was reduced to 48 euros for all the hotels categories(1,2,3,4,5 stars)and for all seasons(high season,low season) and
*The cost of HB(breakfast,lunch or dinner) from 15-35euros was reduced to 10-25euros per day and per person depending to the season(high season,low season) and to the hotel category.
*HB is obligatory except in cases where during reservation lunch or dinner has been abolished.In these cases fee is reduced to 10euros per day.
*These prices condition 2 persons owning 2 vouchers for a double room,3 persons in a 3 bed room,or 4 persons in a 4 bed room.
*The children until the age of 1 year old are free and voucher is not demanded,children until the age of 5 have a 10 euros discount per night,and children up to 5 years don't have any discount.
*A single room is charged to 10euros per night.
a)Disponibility is ensured by KEMEN HELLAS 21 days before arrival,at least,with a 4 euros prepayment/per voucher to:MARIA CHALIORI(PEIRAIUS BANK)or to AGROTIKI BANK(number of bank account:4690100336476).Room reservation follows when the owner of the voucher-with the cooperation of KEMEN HELLAS-has realised a 32euros prepayment/per voucher ,15 days before the arrival,in a bank account of the hotel accomodation.
b)In any case the reservation is annulled,the prepayments are not returned.
The services offered to the owner of the voucher,are these offered by the hotel accomodation,according to its category,as the specific EOT function signal recommends.