Welcome to KEMEN HELLAS social tourism program ,HB,until 31/12/2020(extension under the same rules). Relax and divertisment, excursions and trips, accessible to the most of people,these are in other words the essence and the aim of Social Tourism. Especially in this year,on the pick of the economical crisis,under which our country is living, the Social Tourism programs, present reinforced concerning their social dimension. From one side they strengthen the family budget of 100.000 of our co-citizens by profiting high discounts for the touristic residences. From the other side and a thing not less important,they decisively contribute in our whipping touristic economy, conserving thousands of working places all over Greece. The most important lesson this crisis has taught us is that only if we are united and solidaire we can go through this difficult situation. Let's reconsider the institution of the Social Tourism as an active proof of our decision to keep our social coherence and solidarity inact under the hardest conditions. Have a pleasant holiday, M. Chaliori.